06 July 2008

convocation @ nikko hotel

the first batch of communication students of taylor's college -unisa had their convocation today! my mom did not believe that i actually graduated until she attends the convo to see me in the robe.

the class was fitted in robes which made each of us felt like we were a part in the harry potter movie. with unfitted robes which were too big for some of us and too small for some, we still had to wear it and also the adjustable band of the mortarboard. i on the other hand looked like i wore an oversized black baju kelawar or rather looking like a black ghost as my sleeves are so long that i couldn't even see my fingers!

the ceremony was awesome. the 2-minute fame. brought my fisheye there so hopefully the pictures turn out nice as i haven't finish the roll yet.

i'm already missing my friends.

the graduates

mabel, me and fisheye2


Ezreen Emira said...

hik hik!
convocation will always be moment to be remembered,right?

anyway,i'm new in blogging.can you teach me how to design (to make my blog-my own blog).my own design.

thank you.

rainingheaven said...

ezreen : i'm not really good with htmls but there are free sites that offers skins if you really want a revamp of the entire blog.

Ezreen Emira said...

well,i try and some designs attracts me.but the html code won't fit with my actual size.

myspace far more easier than this.

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