28 June 2008


goodness gracious. just realised that i have not been diligently updating. i'm such a sad case. the days i spent at the office is crap. i get sick more in that office. i am currently having sore throat, flu, on and off fever, on and off bleeding nose, itchy eyes.. what else? i have no idea.

anyway, photography and lomography has been keeping my spirits high lately. after the trip back from genting and now experimenting on the friend's supersampler and tomorrow i'm off for a photography workshop organised by libur in conjunction of the floral fest. i'm going to have to pick up fast. i'm slacking in photography.

now, to check all batteries are fully charged / charging before i go to sleep. i am really lacking of sleep. darn..

1 comment:

Dani said...

I am lacking too... but now, trying to keep it up..

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