08 June 2008

lomo outing #1

finally active at lomokids forum after being registered for almost a year. silent reader of the forum before eventually making my marks all over the forum.

my first lomo outing. yes, a lomo outing whereby i'm the only one who went there without a lomo. instead i went there with sonya.

we had the longest walk ever. my longest walk ever and it seems like some of them too. from central market to the back alleys around there to merdeka stadium to low yat to monorail bukit bintang to bb plaza and back to central market by foot.

it was fun having seen this jolly bunch snapping away, enjoying themselves.. reloading their weapons. seeing all different colours, sizes and shapes of weapons that they used.

though i only have sonya with me at the moment, i still enjoyed it. i can't wait from round 2. and obvious enough, i can't wait to own a lomo.

here's group pics from my sonya.

down to up #1

down to up #2

down to up #3

belia negara @ stadium negara
class picture #1
class picture #2


thafiexq said...

so ceria

rainingheaven said...

thanks. len kali ajak u skali ok?

Dean said...

bunch of lomos!! :D

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