22 June 2008

fmdc outing #1 : genting

time spent at Genting with fellow FMDC-ians was well spent. i never regret the time i spent up there with them though it was my first time meeting most of them. with not much knowledge on the camera settings, i managed to enjoy myself despite the lack of knowledge and the rain towards the end of the day.

learning to use the shutter speed was the main purpose of the day. i have little idea on it. salina just told to use like 250 and above if i wanted to freeze the motion. so there goes, every picture is 250 and above.. here's a few unedited pictures for you to comment on. my office pc doesn't have photoshop and my pc at home acts up whenever i want to use photoshop. oh well, better than nothing.

#1: genting

#2: unknown guy, abg buttet, abg azhar and abg ND

#3: little kid on car-go-round
#4: little boy running around chasing bubbles


Izad said...

bestnye outing..hopefully next time i can join

rainingheaven said...

i'll be waiting for your return..just realised i haven't linked you in. doing that now

thafiexq said...

x ajak i pun

iCalvyn said...

you have nice snap there. :)

rainingheaven said...

thafiexq : jangan jeles k. nanti kita gi dating ok?

icalvyn : thanks for the compliment. i still need to improve more.

Dean said...

say YES to no editing! :D

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