05 May 2008

today ain't monday blues

it's not monday blues for me today. it is monday sucks. haha..

i broke my own record for daily newspaper monitoring. everyday i usually read 3 sets of newspaper - utusan malaysia, berita harian and malay mail (ignore the eastern papers). so on monday i'll usually have to read saturday and sunday newspaper as well making it 9 sets to read all together on monday. today, i read a total of 24 sets. 8 sets each day. 3 mine, 3 alisha's and 2 nick's. monitoring marathon for me today. i spent so much time reading newspapers on monday.

i stayed back til 9.10pm. total madness. and i still can't finish alisha's monthly report which was supposed to go out today. now i've got to make sure i finish the report by 2pm so that it can be couriered to singapore asap. we are already behind time. i have been sitting on the chair from 8.20am up til 9.10pm. now my back hurts like mad and i think i've just got heavier. argh!!!

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