14 May 2008

printing @ office

i'm stuck at the office again. let's see, i think this is my 2nd week staying back. i was rushing for a client report last week and one today. eventually all went out and obviously with errors that i notice after i pack them all up in the courier bag. wait, it's not all my fault. the person who checked it for me approved it for me as well.. haha.. oh well, it's not going to be my job when my colleague comes back.

now, i'm currently waiting for the prints from the colour printer which is really slow. i think it is like going at 4pages per minute. i'm not alone. no worries. with mary and cindy. been going home with mary for the past 2 weeks. mary always goes home late. so, at least i have a ktm mate to go home with as well and so does she.

i'm on half day tomorrow. need to get ready for the youth day as well. i have to go home and check my cameras. make sure they are fully loaded and the memory cards are clear. have to learn how to use that dslr as well. i hope i don't ruin the pictures. the event is only once a year. if the pictures don't turn out nice, i have got to wait another year. darn! pray for me.

now, back to reading eastern newspapers while waiting for those prints. i still have like 5 sets to go with each set having 12 pages.logging off at erm.. don't know what time and now is 9.16pm


syntheticsoul said...

stay back... when i dont have classes at night, my boss always expect me to stay back...

"today you don't have any class right?"

anyway, good luck for your event!

rainingheaven said...

haha.. your boss is so evil. tell him got extra class je.

i'm not attending the event. my colleague is. but i'l lbe going for youth day at bkt jalil.

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