05 May 2008

now that i'm earlier...

now that i'm earlier than i usually am, what am i to do?

i left house earlier by 10 minutes, get stuck in the usual traffic jam, the ktm was pretty punctual despite me having to be stuck in the middle of the cabin showing off my balancing skills, and i'm here 20 minutes earlier than i usually come in (usually i come in by 8.40am), what am i to do?

asking me to come in early and i have nothing to do then what is the point? might as well as me if i can leave the office later.

even ravi, the newsvendor is not here yet. usually he would have been downstairs distributing papers to almost every unit by now. so, with nothing to do as the weekend papers and today's papers are not in yet, so here i am blogging. haha..

oh well, i didn't climb the stairs today. i am on the time of the month where everything just didn't seem right. darn! and i'm effing tired!

updated as of 8.58am - ravi is here!

shiat! with so many people not around, i think i'm monitoring all the papers (english and bm) from saturday up to today. oh hell! i definitely will have to stay in the office again.

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