15 May 2008

national youth day

everyone! it's youth day!
here's a couple of pictures from the event. will be uploading to my fotopages and flickr tomorrow.

not much fun this year as it is in the evening instead of night. i didn't manage to see most of the friends. i usually see them during youth day or any mbwp events. but since ppwp is not so keen on having me in mbwp events, so i'm being much pushed aside. but no harms, mbwp committee recognises me, so there were just wondering where have i been. it's been 4 years. i'm close to them by now. here goes...

several groups of youth associations

the drummer girl in the opening ceremony

the youth pledge


Dani said...

Which one are you? in the pics

Happy Youth Day! You are country future leaders

rainingheaven said...

haha.. la.. i'm the cameraman. how can i be in those pictures then?

fiq said...

rajin sungguh u ni.

thafiexq said...

semangat BETUL! haehehehe

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