22 May 2008

my router is fried!

my router at home is dead! now i can't online at home. darn.. shouldn't have spoken too soon about spending less time on the internet. now that i actually do not have internet access at home, i felt like i'm dying.

managed to be in contact with an old friend. the last i met him was like erm.. 3 years ago i think. he's taller than me now. darn.. and i'm rounder than ever.

tummy is not feeling good since 2am this morning. it hurts badly. i'm not sure why. it's not that i didn't have my breakfast/lunch/whatsoever. argh! it's pretty irritating though.

early at the office today. reached at 8am and now it is only 8.37am. got lots of work to be done. it just never seems to finish. the pile of newspaper on my desk is multiplying day by day. but i can't beat my colleague. mine is only HALF of her stack. wait, if i were to include my eastern newspapers together in the pile, my stack will be 3 times more than hers. haha. so, if you want to sabotage my office, just burn the storeroom. cos there's so much newspaper there that the fire will spread like wildfire. haha..

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