25 May 2008

lunch with daddy

today there's only two of us at home - daddy and me. mum was back late cos she had to settle things. one sister is at a sleepover since yesterday and the other was just out.

mum called back to say she'll be late so that asked what would i like for lunch. as usual, i seriously have no idea what to have for lunch thus leading me to laze on the sofa watching csi. then suddenly daddy said, "let's go have kfc!" i sprung out of the sofa and like a little girl who has not been to kfc. we seldom eat fastfood because dad is not so much of a fan. i'm surprised that he thought of going there though halfway i did decide if we should opt for something else cheaper.

so it was lunch date with daddy. daddy just asked me out for a date next week - zoo negara. he said it has been a while since we went there. since all of us are not teaching next week and mel is having classes, so i guess it is just the rest. i wonder what will their reaction be when dad tells the rest that he wants to go visit the zoo.

now i just can't wait!!

1 comment:

She's Jess said...

Wow.. I haven't been to zoo for ages too.

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