23 May 2008

ktm 'cockpit'

who would have thought that i get to ride the ktm not at its usual cabin but at the cockpit - or whatever you called it.

mid valley station as usual was packed because of train delays. my sister and i didn't manage to get into the cabin as it was filled with people right up to the door. we were pretty disappointed when suddenly... the driver open his door and called to us, "amoi.. masuk sini!"

we looked at each other and walked towards that cockpit door only to find that there are about 8 other passengers in it as well. sure thing. we cramp ourselves into the cockpit.. well, not that cramped up though. looking in awe all the switches and buttons and gears around us. the digital speedometer, the instruction on how to give a public announcement. i listen to the pedals that his feet was on since i can't see it. the ride was great! serious. the driver even talked to us like we were a bunch of kids on a school tour.

it was cool. really cool. oh yeah, i know i sounded like a kid. =p


syntheticsoul said...

I've experience the cockpit ride too. That was like on merdeka day 7 years ago. hehehe... quite cool to be sitting in the cockpit while others cramp theirselves in the train.

rainingheaven said...

oh yes.. it is cool.. cos i never expect them to allow passengers to board the cockpit.. not scared we hijack the train ka?

She's Jess said...

That's like a once in a lifetime experience man.

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