08 May 2008

blog @ office

it's 9.07pm right now and i'm blogging from the office. yes, i'm still stuck at day 10 of april for the monthly clipping report which was supposed to be completed by my colleague but she is on mc. the weird thing that everyone is questioning is if she hasn't done anything since day 1 (by right, it would have been almost complete just before the end of the month), then what is she doing all the time? i cannot answer that question though she is just sitting next to me.

oh well, had dinner just now. the office doesn't pay for OTs. they pay with food. ya. so if i have to work in for lunch - food is provided. if i have to stay until after 8pm - food is provided. but have to be working on something la.

ok, i'll be going home by 9.30pm with mary. both of us are closing up today. better go pack up my stuff first.

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