01 May 2008

#480 - labour day

post #480.. it should have been more after all these years of blogging. but yours truly here doesn't blog on time. haha..

joke of the day between my dad (D) and the neighbour (N).

situation: dad was cutting the grass.

N: eh, it's labour day wor.
D: it's labour work. that's why only can be done on labour day.


none of the 25 FMDC-ians i have on my ym is online because.. it is FMDC's national futsal day. darn.. i couldn't go because farid called me earlier in the afternoon saying he wants to drop by tonight. but he's not here at all and it is already 10.30pm. now where is he? farid!! where are you? i tried texting but it didn't work. i supposed he must be sleeping. aih.. spent all the time waiting. i dared not even go iron my clothes because of it.

mph warehouse clearance sale was a total disappointment for me. i went there late afternoon. books are not so cheap like they used too. didn't really get much there.

oh well, need to go for some jumble sale to get good quality cheap books.


syntheticsoul said...

have u ever tried 'read more pay less' or somethin like that, at amcorp mall? the prices are fairly cheap.

rainingheaven said...

yes yes. cheap magazines. backdated but new! and for a fraction of price too! my mom's favourite. the lady always keep copies for my mom.. art magazines of course.. not books. haha.

syntheticsoul said...

err...u sure its the right shop? its quite a new store. its not the lower ground one, the one right above another bookstore if I'm not mistaken though.

thafiexq said...


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