29 April 2008


i never thought that i would have to use the word 'stayback' as to me it is usually used for students and when working, there won't be such term. little did i know, the term 'stayback' does exist in my office.

i stayed back for the yesterday and today. a lot of work. i don't think i can finish that's why i stayed back. i'm so tired. i wonder if i can wake up for work tomorrow. thank god thursday is a holiday. at least i can sleep a little longer.

i'll try never to stayback again though it is fun staying back with alisha and mary. alisha will be pumping her speaker to the maximum and sing-a-long to any music. oh ya, earlir she was watching the episodes of sinderella which she missed on i didn't know tv3 website is able to do so much. so now, no worries if you miss an episode or two or three. just log on to cool!

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