24 April 2008

r & r #1

my first R&R (rest and refresh).i found out from my colleague what R&R is. apparently, it is time where the office closes for the second half of the day and do something relaxing or any fun or interesting activities.

today we went for a movie - over her dead body at midvalley, followed by a japanese dinner by sushi zanmai at the gardens. all under the house.

it was fun watching movie after so long of not entering into a cinema. the eva longoria movie is funny. i laughed so hard. haha. the japanese food was awesome. i would never have eaten japanese with my kind of budget.

hope for another R&R next month!

i can't wait! now i'm freaking tired. i think i'm going to go sleep.

run along now...

1 comment:

syntheticsoul said...

damn great boss u have there! so jealous laa

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