09 April 2008

hectic and busy

sorry for my long disappearance. i am around. i'm always around. it is jut that i didn't have the time to rant all about what has been going on for the past week.. gosh, it's been a week since i last blogged.

okok.. first things first. rentak juara : rhythm of champion 2008! i wasted so much time waiting for the ktm and cab. i thank god i didn't miss much. i missed teddybear's opening. darn.. but things were ok that day. only that now, everyone has to vote! yes, sms voting! vote for inerCya!!


here's how it works ..

type RJ <'space'> IN and send it to 32776

i thank you beforehand for voting. your support is greatly appreciated.

i send out about 200 plus over SMS to everyone in my phonebook and about another 200 plus over YM messages, bulletin on friendster and myspace to inform almost everyone i know about this. directed traffic to inerCya's myspace music page. several of my friends that really have no idea what it is about actually voted!! they texted me saying, "viewed the website. great! and because you are my friend, i voted!" haha.. i'm like campaigning for a political party now. the rest of the friends copied my message and resend it to their friends. see.. networking..

work is hectic. my pile of newspaper from the east keep growing and growing. it's going to be as high as twin towers as i do not read fast enough. not that i don't speed read. it's just that there's other things to do and i have to meet those deadlines! besides, i screwed up something in the office which is going to require a lot of explanation from my boss to another. i can't seem to be able to take notes during a meeting anymore and writing a contact report. what happen to me? i used to be the secretary in college for everything. wait, i am still secretary in other things as well. what's wrong with me?

nowadays, my memory is failing me.. i can't remember where i read (see, i told you so) that apparently drinking too much water is not good for memory. well, drinking water is good for your health. but it seems that too much of water is not good. i can't find the article. it's in one of those newspapers. not sure if it is in our local dailies or the eastern newspapers that i have been reading. i'm only sure that it is in english.

i've been lacking sleep too because of work. and the best part is waiting for ktm to come home. i takes me so long just to get home. i've been waiting an hour up to two hours plus just to get to the station and i have to wait another hour or so just to board the bus. mid valley to tasik selatan is just loosely about 20 mins and the bus ride by right takes about 10-15 mins. why am i taking almost up to 3 days worth of transport time just to get home. not only getting home, sometimes i'm late to work because of the ktm too. darn!

oh well.. now have to go crack my brains and cough up a proposal soon. we are already behind time in seeking sponsorship FMDC-ians!!


LUIE said...

I'm really disappointed with some band that enter Rentak Juara this year..
Vocal.. Aisey.. Everybody want to be Amy Search la..
Sound.. Really² sumbang la this time..
Guitar sound not clear~~
Ha.. ha.. ha..
Hope they will improve their act, vocal and sound on next round..

rainingheaven said...

hey luie,

you are from fmdc right?

that's the reason why we have to give each of them their second chance so that they will be able to proof themselves. but i believe rentak juara will be a platform for them to improve themselves as well.

along said...

xdpt pun ym message mel soh vote.

ke pilih kasih?

rainingheaven said...


sorry... bukan u friend pun kata tak dpt.. over mass message kot.. entah..
just sent to you tadi..

sorry eyk.

*mel tak berani nak pilih kasih ngan along.

Jenz Iggo said...

Say Inercya on TV the other day.
I have to complain, RTM sound mixing suckd big time!! How the hell they do the analog-TV mixing...I know the sound in the auditorium must be good (they rehearse) but in TV..plain frustrating!

rainingheaven said...

hi jenz!

the sound in the auditorium was awesome. gosh.. if tv is that bad, then that explains why people are complaining..

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