01 April 2008


no i didn't mispelt my name. that is the name of my new colleague - elissa.

in the office itself we have three people with similar names now. elissa, alisha, melissa.

even boss 1 remind us to emphasize who we are refering to in order to avoid a mix up. however, the wonderful incident happened today. on elissa's first day!

boss 2 walks towards the pantry to make coffee (my table is just slightly across the pantry). he asked "elissa/melissa, how is your day? i hope you are not overwhelmed." i just paused and looked up at him from my computer waiting to see who he will be looking at. the thing is he didn't look at anyone. so elissa answered. not knowing who he is refering to. besides, it is quite logical to ask elissa how is she doing on her first day. it turns out that he was refering to me! alisha sitting next to me was already laughing and bos 2 didn't realise that elissa was the one who answered him until alisha told him what happened.

oh well, now he is planning to give us nicknames. i wonder what i will get. haha.

anyway, welcome elissa to the clan! i respect your seniority and experience. will catch up with you when there is much more time. i was busy with translations, press releases and research. sorry!

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Shaq said...

congrats congrats

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