16 April 2008

broke my record

i broke my own record. the record is.... reaching home early! yes! i reached home so early today.

7.15pm ... yes, that's right 7.15pm. the ktm was so punctual. i'm not sure about the bus timing but the traffic on the road was not so jam eventhough today is the pasar malam day at that particular time. the most dreaded day of the week for people who uses the connaught highway is today - wednesday.

i had slightly more time today since i reached home early. now that i'm hyper because of it, i couldn't sleep. haha..


syntheticsoul said...

komuter is just so unreliable. no otherpublic transportation option?

rainingheaven said...

yela.. la.. kat mid valley la.. mana ade transport lain dh..

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