02 April 2008

bm translator

i have become the office's bahasa malaysia (bm) translator for press releases and writeups. why me? i'm sure of my bm level. the last i wrote a proper something in bm was back in high school! (blogging in bm doesn't count for me because i'm using conversational bm). usually the office have one person to do the translations. he is paid for it. surprisingly i became that person for this week.

to my surprise, my colleague read my translation and said "ok, your bm translation is ready to go". my eyes opened wide. i was asking myself, "what do you mean by ready to go? i don't think it is ready at all!".

ok, will be sending them off tomorrow. i was supposed to do it earlier but i was caught up with other matters and i'm sure she's going to scream if she finds out i haven't send it out yet. we'll see how much of the originality of the article is kept when it appears.

but it was a good experience for me. it has been a while since i wrote anything in bm. well, i do but not that proper i would say as it is filled with all my bahasa pasar slangs all over the place. it really cracks my brains to figure out what proper words that can be use.

a pat on the back for yourself, rainingheaven. consider yourself still being able to at least make the whole thing in bm and it is understandable and most importantly, the original meaning did not run.

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