16 April 2008

as of 1622hours

currently at the office with the two bosses out for a media training. it's peaceful here with the rain. quite relax as we tend to laugh out loud instead of controlling our laughter when the bosses are around.

it's raining. i know this is a i-got-nothing-to-do post. thank god it is raining now. but please stop when i'm about to leave later. this is because whenever it rains, i can never reach home early. like yesterday, i only managed to bored the ktm from mid valley at about 8.30. and fyi, i waited from 6.15pm. this isn't my first time anyway. sometimes it isn't because of the rain, it is the problem of the train. aih..

i think with the amount of time used to travel to and back from office, it can be equalled to god knows how many working days.

currently reading on all the eastern newspaper and this month's magazines that needs to be monitored for client's mention or news. my eyes are almost crossed thanks to all the words.

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