30 April 2008

work madness

oh well. these three days have been the busiest for me. i feel like one pair of hands is not enough for me. there's so much to do yet so little time. thank god for tomorrow is a holiday or else i would have been already dead by now.

something so embarrassing happened today. i went to the toilet and i later woke up and still find myself in the toilet. i think i passed out in the toilet. goodness. scary.. luckily i didn't fall on the floor. the tissue roll holder held my head. i hope it never happens again.

my left eye was twitching the whole time after lunch. it got worst towards the evening. elissa said that i'm going to have a migraine soon. hah! and i am now having pains in my head.

picture taken today. i look so blank. it is like the word 'blank' is written across my forehead. look at those eyebags. this week is only my 8th week and i'm worst than ever.

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