22 March 2008


it has been two weeks now. haven't been given much serious work yet because i'm still helping out. at least now i know how the news clipping for the news summary is being chosen, summarized and sent to the client. currently helping out in one client. i'm to do the translations from the bm papers to english as our client is based in singapore and hong kong.

i'm to help out for a media launch on monday and i need court shoes! have to go get them tomorrow. not that i don't have my old one. i'm just afraid that it gives way. so if i really can't get a pair within my budget, i'll have to keep with the old one first. i already borrowed money from dad for a skirt, a dress and a pair of heels. need to return to him once i get my pay.

i haven't been taking much pictures. well, actually i did. but one of my usb is not reading my card reader. the other is being used for the mouse since the connector broke down for i-don't-know-what-reason. darn! i'll have to quickly transfer all my files and burn them into cds before my hard disk fails me. first thing is i need to go find a burner.

tomorrow's easter. blah, nothing much to me though. i don't know how to celebrate it. it's not like i'm going to be dress like a bunny distributing eggs or even painting eggs. nah, not much bothered.

i just need to work on my pc which is failing on me at this moment. that's all i am thinking of right now.

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