15 March 2008


you wouldn't believe what i did today. i went for the airasia walk-in interview. yes , you hear me - AIRASIA WALK-IN INTERVIEW for cabin crew.

it took me the whole day at impiana hotel.

was there at 11am. it took until 1pm for my turn to have my height and weight measured and then the checking of required certificates and then i'm to wait for 3pm.

goodness. so went for lunch and back before 3pm but my turn got delayed until up to 4pm. and guess what we were all supposed to do for the interview.

1. walk in (greet and give a big smile)
2. stop at designated places (3 spots actually. walk, PAUSE, walk, PAUSE, walk, STOP)
3. show your arms front and back
4. and that's it!

and smile all the way!!

waited for the results and obviously i didn't get it. i didn't expect to get it anyway since there's so much competition. but it was a great experience of a walk-in PRELIMINARY interview i would say. i've never experienced such interview.

oh well, lucks to the lucky ones for tomorrow!!


doraemon1972 said...

so, what's the result of the interview?

rainingheaven said...

on the spot... gagal..
haha.. just go for the fun of it only.

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