27 March 2008


this week ain't a much good week for me. i got sick. i am still sick. the aircon in the room where i am sitting now is working fine but it doesn't work on me. hello! i put the temperature up to 30degrees, i should be feeling warm but instead i was freaking cold.

it got so bad that i took a snooze in between hours. no one knows as in the room, people outside can barely notice what is going on inside. what more, the computer already hides my face from the door.

remember the story of my heels (previous entry)? my big toes turned purple a day after that. now when i press on them or when i curl my toes, it hurt like mad! oh darn, i love those shoes.. how now?

friends are asking about my project 365days. i had to put on hold because my camera this time really gave way. the button went missing. this will be my 2nd incomplete project. i'll have to start over once i fix my camera. i wonder how long is it going to take me.

had a late meeting with one of my bosses and my colleague. i am to assist my colleague with this client. goodness, i went so blank with the plannings for the client. you can ask a few friends that i rant about it to them. haha. they almost go cuckoo with me. before i left my boss's office, she said this to me, "am i dreaming or are your dark circles getting darker?" hello boss, it gets darker because not enough sleep what more sick. i almost wanted to get an MC but then realising i had to hand in whatever i have done (even though i know it is wrong. at least i did something), i came.

this week ain't much of a good week but the best is getting my 'medication'. after so long, we managed to meet. though it wasn't for long but it was better than nothing. i wished for more time sometimes. oh well...

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