23 March 2008


yours truly here rarely puts on make up. except required by functions and this also mean that there's someone doing it for me instead. i've never known how to put on make up except for face powder.

the last time i put on make-up, i have a major outbreak. i was part of the choir for a hi-tea for PPPWP and our make-up is done by the DBKL dance troupe. yes, all 40 of us using the same tools. we were dolled up and all of us looked so "white" from the powder and "red" from the bright lipstick. i on the other hand was starting to itch.

right after the whole event, i ran to the washroom armed with facial wash to clean every bit of the make-up on my face. my face was red with bumps all over and it still itched even though i did the whole washing routine twice. since that day, i didn't like to put on make-up. thus only putting it when i'm forced to.

now, i'm starting to step into the world of make-up. working requires me to put it on when i have to go out for media launches. someone gave me a set of make-up for christmas which i had yet to use and this is the good them to put it to full use.

it was fun putting make-up only that i'm not good at it. i suck with eye liner, eye shadow and blusher. i'm better with mascara, only that mine isn't the waterproof mascara. my sister got me a compact powder for christmas and that came in just in time.

i just bought a black eye liner and an eye light pencil. now hunting for waterproof mascara since mine is going to finish soon. the rest? using my mom's.

purchasing make-up is not cheap either. it's investment. just like how we women have to spend on good undergarments for better support. all in all to make ourselves look good and presentable. adui.....


SlowCatchUpKuan said...

ooo i dislike make up... i sux at it too LOL plus my skin isn't good too. sigh... girls have it hard.

rainingheaven said...

i feel like killing the person who invented make up in the first thing. but then again, he/she might be already dead by now. i just hate his/her idea of make up! makes me suffer!!

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