06 March 2008

international youth seminar 2

theme : international seminar on youth organisation as nonformal learning institutions
date : 24th february 2008 - 2nd march 2008
venue : international youth centre, kuala lumpur

nothing can describe the feeling of closeness that we all had during our one week stay. though i have yet to get to know some of them better, at least i managed to create friendship with a few others.

we made in into kosmo and here is a similar picture

there were 16 countries in total that attended the seminar

(in random order)

1. sudan
2. ukraine
3. sri lanka
4. maldives
5. brunei
6. china
7. korea
8. india
9. yemen
10. philippines
11. cambodia
12. singapore
13. bangladesh
14. indonesia
15. myanmar
16. malaysia


She's Jess said...

you are always with the biggest smile.

doraemon1972 said...

Congratulation on your new career...

rainingheaven said...

jess! thanks for the compliment la.

doraemon! it's been a while since i last hear from you!

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