25 March 2008


yesterday was the launch of nestle ice cream retro and techno! the launch was great! the media get to play dress up, have their picture taken and then stand a chance to win mp3s! never before i attend a media launch whereby it is like a mini carnival - only that it is for the media!

i was on my heels, my new black heels to be exact. not very tall. my 'tallest' i would say. i was basically in heels the whole day from 8am up to 8pm. i was at titanium super dance club at 1pm to learn how to wear all the costumes. obviously, before that i was at the office.

i came home with swollen feet. i was already in pain by 6pm while packing the costumes and clearing the place. my toes hurt so badly. the back of my feet hurt. the soles hurt. i slept with my feet up to reduce the swell.

guess what! this morning i woke up with aches all over. especially my legs!! it is as though i ran 7.5km (the compulsory run in school for PJ). i didn't run. i just walk. like i use to. only that i was on HEELS the whole day before. ya, now i know how heels can hurt me even further. before this, i know i cannot wear heels for long. but so far, it never hurt this bad. this is my first.

now, i wonder how am i going to wear that black heels again? i wore the strappy heels today. mind you, i'm a girl with the least shoes. one black heels (the close up court shoe type, that one that hurt me), one strappy heels which i wore today and that's it. that's all of my shoes besides slippers. fyi, both my black heels and strappy heels are new!

what more, no slippers in the office rule. so i have to be seen in nice shoes, basically heels. aih... it hurts la.. but knowing that my bosses won't be in until thursday this week, i brought my slippers to the office and was at bliss because my feet were so much better. only the fact that i have to wear the heels back. hate it but force to...



Ijad said...

crocs sandal looks stylish..hehe..kidding

rainingheaven said...


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