14 February 2008

it's v-day


i believe everyone is out there celebrating them right now. it doesn't matter if it is with your boyfriend or girlfriend, parents, sister, brother, etc.. no one says that valentine's is only to be celebrated with your boyfriend/girlfriend (as far as i'm concerned).

i'm home the whole day. the lazy me didn't do much work around the house. i slept pretty "early". yes at 7am i believe cos i remember hearing my sister walking to the bathroom to get ready for school. and yours truly woke up at 10 something when the phone rang. i was cursing because i didn't know where that noise came from only to realised that it is my phone hiding under the blanket.

i have no idea who's number it is. it's a kl number. cheras as a matter of fact.

so i picked up the call and it is from the international youth center (IYC) in cheras. pppm nominated 4 girl guides for the international youth seminar to be held end of this month and i was chosen!! wooohooots!!! ya, one guy from there called me once to clarify with me some details in my form a day before CNY. so, here's the result! only that i don't know how to break it to the family.

you see, mom wasn't very much happy that i'm still active with girl guides/scouts and belia. *psst. i am pro-tem assistant secretary for mbk titiwangsa as of the meeting yesterday. so, mom wanted me to quit all of it saying that i have to concentrate on work. my heart fell to the ground. girl guides/scouts and belia is ME. i am them. if i were to drop them, means i won't have my life anymore. goodness.. i just hope all things turns out well.

wish me luck!

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