24 February 2008

international youth seminar

i'm not ready to attend the seminar that is going to be held for a week at the international youth center, bandar tun razak. yes, i know, it's very near my house. aih.

in the programme schedule, everyday our activities ends at 5.15pm which is later followed by dinner at 8pm. so, no night activities? how unlucky am i, at least if i have a car, i can go out to mamak or even the pasar malam. this? just sit and become crazy. what more without internet access. i'm so dead this time.

there'll be paper presentation by dato suroya, institutional visits, country paper presentation, forum, workshop, discussion, preparaion and presentation of recommendation, a trip to melaka followed by the closing ceremony by dato' seri mohd ali rustam. oh ya, and kl city tour. however, still no night activities. i'm going to be so bored for that entire week. adui..

i do not have the mood for this time around. i'm surprised. usually, for an event at this level, i would have already gotten so many things ready. this one? no. nothing has been done. my luggage is still an empty bag and on top of that, i need to check-in latest this evening.

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