13 February 2008

a lil rafting story

i can't upload my pictures in fotopages! it's pissing me off. the pictures didn't appear. i don't know what is wrong. darn!

oh ya, this is the bunch that went for rafting. bamboo rafting. i'm on the left at the end of the banner. hehe.

awaiting for demo on how to handle the bamboo raft. unfortunately, i can't seem to remember everyone's name except for the one's i've known for quite a while.

from left: boy 1, boy 2, asma, ridhwan mubin, me, zack, oli and in front is i think alip.

ok, so one of the nights we had the area's band to do performance for us rather than we doing performance among ourselves. we do have a bunch of sporting participants. i didn't take much pictures as i was standing by for emcee. however, one of them managed to get a video out of it. it's a little dark though. but what the heck!

well, if you want to have a look at our raft. here's the link to it. it's a really short one because the ride is full of obstacles and definitely we won't want our electronic items to get wet so he managed to captured a short clip at the very beginning before the ride went really bumpy!

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