21 February 2008

Country Paper

gotten the guidelines for the Country Paper from the International Youth Centre (IYC) on Monday. i'm still blank on what is the content of the paper. i guess it is because i haven't really went through what should be in. i'll let you know later as i'll be going to PPPM for discussion with my two other fellow mates who were chosen to attend the International Youth Seminar.

yes, apparently from the organizing party, there are only seats for 15 malaysian delegates and 45 i believe for foreign delegates. so many youth organisation in malaysia and yet only 15 seats? PPPM nominated us in and people from IYC is the one that picked us based on our applications. they even made "phone interviews" just to know the nominees slightly better before selecting.

oh well, it's not that i'm going to be flying anywhere. the location is just so near my house. about 10-15 minutes drive. tak syok la. i always don't get to go overseas whenever i attend international events. the previous one, i was to go to sri lanka but due to security problems there, malaysia became the last minute host. now IYC is holding the seminar at their premises. IYC as in the one at bandar tun razak, near the swimming pool, HUKM, tasik permaisuri. adui.. i don't even have to stay the whole week at IYC actually. i can go back, sleep and return to IYC in the morning. besides, there's no activities during the night. we are so going to be bored to death as none of the three of us have cars to drive ourselves out for yamcha sessions.


Imagica Chan said...

tonight chap goh mei wor... going where o?

rainingheaven said...

chap goh mei stay at home only..
nowhere to go.

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