04 February 2008

back from pahang and leaving again

i was at pahang during my disappearance from my blog.

i left with my heart at kl while my body was at pahang. there's a reason why i felt that way.

i would say berakit was fun. throughout my whole 3 days there, all i can think of is one person. i kept saying to myself, "i wished he was here to enjoy this with me". i enjoyed myself there but it wasn't like i used to. it is really unlike kelantan, melaka or even hotel putra. it was a totally different feel.

anyway, i came back with a really bad burn on my face, arms and feet. i also came back with red spots and bumps here and there due to the river water as i was told. it itches like mad! and i'm now flaking from my forehead and nose. my forehead now has a patch of a lighter shade because the skin shed. i'm now red and dark. i guess the redness came in time for CNY.

didn't manage to take a lot of pictures because most of the time i was in the water. i only have pictures when i'm not in the water. oh well, update later.

i never thought my consequence will be this bad all because i wanted to get home. i know he's angry. but i was more hurt from the telephone conversation i had before and after i arrived. putting down the phone before i even managed to say anything further. i didn't call back because i was hurt. enough said.

i didn't know what to do. now, i still don't know what to do even though i have tried to apologise a few times.

i'm leaving tomorrow again to perak now. i'm sure my heart will be left in kl again while my body is there. i'm positive.

anyway, happy chinese new year and happy holidays to all of you. and to my coursemates, don't forget that our wonderful lecturer has just pushed forward our due date for the internship report, therefore our cny holiday has to be cut short if you are leaving for your hometown tomorrow.

take care everyone!

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~shaq~ said...

well then . nice entry. try to speak with a clear mind .. huhu .. seriously . that helped me a lot .. fights can be overcomed :) .. jz passing by .. hope to hear more and hope everything goes well .. happy chinese new year

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