01 January 2008

a ride to my year 2007

should have done this yesterday, but was in a hurry to rush of somewhere right after work therefore this is the only time i have. flash back year 2007!

january 2007
  • was shortlisted to attend a 'scientific of creative thinking' workshop by PPPM.

february 2007
  • chosen to be part of 'scientific of creative thinking' and also indirectly being a member of the V-team for PPPM.
  • derrik yaw's farewell dinner where he left for australia to continue his studies in film.
  • semester 2 begin on the 28th.

march 2007
  • applied for youth exchange to korea and japan. was shortlisted but i didn't attend the pre-camp cos they told me 2 days before whereas other participants were told a week before.
  • helped out with girl's summit 2007
  • had a bunch of assignments to complete.

april 2007
  • more assignments which includes interview and writing an obituary for myself.

may 2007
  • more interviews, more feature stories for assignments.
  • 15 may 2007 @ bukit jalil was heaven. i met up with long lost mates as i only see them once a year and there was one special person who i really have totally lost contact with for 2 whole years. i remembered his name - the only name i remembered. i was happy to see him.
  • had a belia dinner at de palma hotel, ampang.

june 2007
  • AP region conference- PPPM
  • titiwangsa camporee - PPPWP
  • my 21st birthday with nothing on. no cakes either. seems like no one really remembered it. however, i still remembered that at-the-strike-of-midnight call from someone though i was hoping to see that someone at the camporee. yes, the birthday falls on one of the camporee days.
  • messy affair of cleaning and repacking all the tents
  • met up mrs fernandez of cancerlink as i was chosen to represent PPPWP for an event after she saw my CV.
  • my first meetup with him after a month of keeping in contact with each other.
  • i also feel into serious depression and case of shock.
  • brownie's 'cutipek' camp where i only went for the campfire.

july 2007
  • drove my way up to taman rimba kiara at 1am when i have no idea where the place was just to see someone. i can never forget what happened on that day.
  • up to lumut for the seri endon victory ventures camp.
  • SAB girl guides installation and appointment day.
  • had a serious breakdown.
  • semester 3 begins on 26th.

august 2007
  • women's summit 2007.
  • rover moot, kelantan and we travelled by KTM - the 13-hour plus ride was really an experience.
  • MBWP seminar and AGM at melaka.

september 2007
  • 'human rights and election' seminar at mutiara crowne plaza.
  • had great fun with friends.
  • my first late-night out after sooooo long.
  • joined in in fasting.

october 2007
  • communication symposium at eastin hotel
  • 2-weeks plus of misery.
  • breakdown and shunned myself away from all activities which i was actually dying to go to.

november 2007
  • end of semester 3. no more studying!
  • attended photoshop world asia at mandarin oriental and met up with the fmdc gang from everywhere inclusive of a shooting at klcc grounds and TT.
  • 90 years anniversay of PPPM.
  • started internship.
  • lend my hand with the goodwill camporee.

december 2007
  • bengkel penilaian & pengukuhan pertubuhan belia by mbwp @ putra hotel.
  • small SKTM-meetup
  • communication course @ PPPM

and that's the end of 2007!!


fiq said...

epy new year!!! lmbt sket

doraemon1972 said...

yeahhh...selamat taun baluuuuuu.......

litium said...

wow. must be very busy 2007. :)

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