23 January 2008

night market

today is wednesday. the day when the roads in my housing area will be jammed out with all sorts of vehicles and human beings. yes, today is the day for the night market aka pasar malam.

i have yet to step my foot at pasar malam elsewhere so to me, this one at my area is considered the worst. the length of the pasar malam is of 3 rows of shoplots, 3 rows of houses (from the side) a police station and a playground. put them all together and you'll get the length of THIS pasar malam. yes, it is that LONG.

the amount of people that visit this pasar malam is A LOT! it is like swimming in the sea with those people as fishes in the sea. i'm serious. that serious. in order to cross the roads, there's an officer to direct the traffic flow. you can see all sorts of people there.

at times, i just hate to go there. it's just pushing and shoving so that you won't fall. i had this one man stepped on my foot. i screamed in pain right in front of him and he didn't bother and other people thought i was some mad girl. and there's this aunty who uses her big butt to push me and i nearly fell on someone. you'll also be able to see some guys taking advantage of the packed area to grope women's asses and breasts. so be very careful.

anyway, here, this pasar malam seems to be a way for those of you who wants to show off your

  • new airbrushed car/motorcycle
  • new clothes
  • new hair cut
  • new handbags
  • sexy attire
  • pets (yes, mostly dogs so far)
  • weird dressing
  • sloppiness
  • "other" side
  • ..and much more

so, to brave this pasar malam, be well equipped with..

  • metal underwear (bras, panties, briefs, etc)
  • pepper spray (to spray those who slap you on the butt)
  • long fingernails (to scratch those perverts who touches you with intention)
  • zipped pockets and handbags (so that they won't be able to pick you. make sure the zip head faces you)
  • high heels (if you think you must)
  • just everything you need to brave this sea of humans. i guess you can figure this out yourself.

just make sure all you take good care of your things and yourself.

The world is governed more by appearance than realities so that it is fully as necessary to seem to know something as to know it. ~Daniel Webster

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