26 January 2008

my last day of internship

jan 25 - the last day of my internship

a little bit of mix feelings. nothing much to do except for clearing up my table which i did only at the end of the day as i was busy doing my report. haha, yes yes. i was doing my report along with other work that i'm supposed to do. and i did complete my report in record time.

i know i would be too lazy to work on it at home that's why i aimed to finish it at the office.

had a farewell dinner organised by one of my colleagues, cindy the night before at italiannies, the gardens.

now, i've to look for jobs. hunting high and low. being a person without transportation and having to rely on transporation, i'm looking for those that have access to public transport. that's what i hope to get until i actually get a car.

internship was great. i think i put on weight during my 11 weeks there because i'm most of the time facing the computer and i couldn't stand while using the computer because the table is a little low. i had to bend to see if i'm standing.

and many thanks to my colleagues for teaching me so many things though i'm sure there's much more to learn.

oh well, everything is great. and i'm just not ready to step foot into the working world. i know i'm not ready. i have to push myself. darn.. i'm afraid.

and oh ya. how can i forgot. the same night, we were at the ktm station at about 9.45pm and darn, we didn't even get into the train. a train came at about 10.30pm but it was too pack to fit in about 100 of us and thus left about 30 of us stranded at the station until 12midnight. i didn't wait. i called dad to pick me up. i think the train did come after that. goodness...

In giving advice seek to help, not to please your friend. ~Solon

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