18 January 2008


it's 1045 in the morning and i have nothing much to do in the office. not much news to monitor but a few articles in the tabloid papers really caught my attention. about the boric asid in the yellow noodles, "evil" neighbours and such.

woke up with a really bad sore throat and flu. i can feel the fever coming in soon. but luckily i have my "strong medicine" at home. ah, it's nothing. it is just the bitter 'ho yan hor' herbal tea. it works like magic. the sore throat is gone and i hope it doesn't come back for good. however, i am now making trips to the toilet every 15 minutes. cleansing tea... fui....

i have been reading tons of magazines since late yesterday evening. magazine ranging from education, business, entertainment, women, men, technology, children, cooking, you name it, i would have read it. and ya, both english and bahasa malaysia ones.

i was wondering yesterday if i should register another blog just so that i can blog in bahasa malaysia rather putting it up here. what do you think? but the fact of putting it up here as well is so that all of you can give constructive comments to me so that i can improve. in dilemma. haha. which i'm sure won't be long. it's fun to write in bahasa malaysia once in a while. allows me to use those words i've never thought of using. you know how one word can be described with so many other words and they still have the same meaning? ya, can build up my vocabulary.

i've been listening to the music these few days. just got nothing much to do. tired of listening to the sound of tapping fingers across the keyboard.

ok, back to reading more newspapers and magazines!

wait.. i should be working on my report too! aiyak!!

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