13 January 2008


it was my first time to reach the grounds of mount nuang. though i wasn't there for a climbing expedition this time, maybe i will the next time around.

i felt like i was part of their big family everywhere i go with them. the feeling is indescribable. it just feels good to be there. you don't have to worry about being yelled at or being backstabbed or anything as such.

i was much surprise when i actually had so much to talk to one of them when in fact after knowing him for quite sometime, i have never spoken much to him unless i need to. this time, i was enlightened by his experiences and stories. i supposed it was because of the rain that kept everyone talking about something. the rain just kept as all close together.

even when work calls, it is funny to see how everyone will be crammed up in a so-called "work" room, doing their given task at all the corners of the room and waiting for one another to finish before proceeding to go back to their own room.

i was more than happy to be able to lend a helping hand though it was more to lending a few fingers. haha. i'm happy to know these bunch of people. each of them coloured my life with their own colours.

"Friendship is the golden ribbon that ties the world together"

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