07 January 2008


i didn't take my dinner yesterday.
i didn't take my lunch today.
i didn't want to take my dinner today as well but i am forced too.

all i had today was one big mandarin orange. well, not that big after i peeled it and 2-3 pieces of biscuits. i was shivering cold inside. ya, the shiver is from inside. not outside. the tummy hurts since yesterday night.

i had no mood to eat. i'm forced to take my dinner so that i don't fall sick. i can feel the fever coming. every bite i took, i felt like throwing up. i finished up the whole plate unwillingly and i didn't feel good. i tried my best not to try to throw up. i did everything i can.

thank god. i didn't throw up. however, i still feel that shiver. it's terrible because no matter how many sweaters or blankets you wrap yourself with, the shiver stays. this sucks!


She's Jess said...

Hey, hope you get well soon.

3POINT8 said...

Get well soon. Btr take care of your health for you are responsible for your own well-being..

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