05 December 2007

we've got hits! (updated 6 dec)

after the 90 years anniversary dinner of pppm where i'm put in charged of media invitation and it received 5 hits if not mistaken, i was assigned to helped out for the 14th goodwill camporee for the federal territory scouts federation (ppmwpkl) under media as well.

this one is slightly tougher as i didn't manage to call all the media to check on the receipt of the media advisory or even to check on attendance because i was already at the campsite on that very night when editors assign their reporters for the following day.

as of today, i'm the happiest girl on earth! all hard work paid off. the time spent not sleeping and the time spent worrying on lacking of time to prepare the press release, it just really paid off. though i have to take 2 days of emergency leave, it is still worth it.

the camporee got hits from several newspapers

:: sinar harian - 2 dec (1 picture description & 1 article) , 5 dec (1 article) , 6 dec (1 picture description)
:: mingguan malaysia - 2 dec (1 article)
:: berita minggu - 2 dec (1 article)
:: the malay mail - 3 dec (1 article)
:: the star - 3rd dec (1 picture description)
:: rtm3 - 4/5 dec
:: malaysia hari ini - 5 dec
:: bernama - 5 pictures
:: china press - 3 dec (1 article)

waiting for e-siswa's february issue!!

my best personal record ever. i'm starting to love this job. haha. that's probably because i'm familiar with girl guides and scouts - they are my family. i guess i'll fail if it is for others.

first and foremost, thanks to tuan latiff (district commisioner for titiwangsa scouts) for extending an invitation to me or else i wouldn't be able to take part and volunteer myself for this.

thanks to tuan shahril for his guidance when i'm stuck. especially when writing the media advisory and press release.

thanks to syafik, klkm scout from kliuc. we make a great team! happy to be able to work with you.

thanks to myTeddy too for helping me to make sure my faxes (the balance ones that i didn't get to fax through the office though i did email every media agency) gets in at the eleventh hour. if it wasn't for myTeddy's support, i would have already fell on the ground because it was really difficult at the beginning stage whereby i panic and i didn't sleep for 2 nights before the opening ceremony.

thanks to titiwangsa scouts too! thanks for making me feel so much at home. thanks for making me one of you. i really enjoyed myself working together with you guys and girls though everyone was in stress as there was so many things that needed attention.

i would also like to extend my apologies to everyone that is involved in the process of the camporee. sorry for all my wrong doings and words that might have hurt you. it was never meant to be intentional.

once more, thanks a million


3POINT8 said...

WoW! publications in 8 newspaper!
That is really some achievement!
Congrats congrats!

doraemon1972 said...

way to go girl...

fiq said...


fami said...

hi miss rain :)

tahniah and congratulation on your performance. Even though i couldnt understand actually what do u mean by you got hits... sorry :)

what is it cant update my blog, coz the internet connection in my home sucks :P

I just finished my cuti with reading books and have a nice laughing moment with my father and my younger sister haha. we watched nicklodeon, astro ceria, togehther, and we laughed like hell hehehe~

especially that Adi n Abah show. Or is it Ayah? :P

i miss your blog, by the way :)

rainingheaven said...

thanks to everyone!!

fahmi, hits means kena la.
kalo story masuk paper for example berita harian, kira as 1 hit. kalo masuk both berita harian and the star, kira as 2 hits. gitu je.

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