12 December 2007


sorry for the lack of updates. was really busy trying to understand and remember all the steps needed to do two major reports which i'll be doing end of december when my colleague is on leave. i'm trying hard not to mix up both reports as both are major clients. media clipping has to be send in on time, reports too, everything has to be there.

yesterday night, faisal managed to arranged a small mamak-ing session with a few of us sktm-ians. we had lim, sue yee, ai wen, mei chern, yue ying, atif, hidayat, izzaq, firdaus, and lastly zaful. luckily managed to get zaful before he head of to alam today. i was browsing my phone book when i asked atif if he still remembered zaful. haha.. straight away call and ask, "zaful, ko kat kapal ke kat kl sekarang ni?" haha

however, myTeddy is upset because i reached home slight after 12 midnight. i know he's angry because he didn't answer my calls. from the way he speaks and the words he used. i'm sorry.

i tried to get hold of him today but i failed. he's ben unreachable the whole day from morning til night. i'm worried of course. i don't even know if he is okay. i hope everything is fine.


Anonymous said...

you know that "someone" will read your blog.."someone" will be a silent reader or maybe "someone" will not going to be a silent reader and unfortunately, "someone" will hurt when that "someone" read your stories

rainingheaven said...

hi anonymous

thanks for your comment.
"someone" can choose to be a silent reader or not. if "someone" wishes for a table talk, just email me. i'm waiting. i don't want to start up an argument. just a friendly conversation.

we'll learn to understand one another from there.

thanks for your concern.

doraemon1972 said...

perhaps "someone" is quite upset it seem...

XalongX said...

i hate to say this,but no comment lah.

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