20 December 2007

i'm back and tired.

i'm back!

i've been having a busy week that i can't remember the date!

i was busy learning up what is needed to be learnt from my colleauge, alisha who will be on leave for her wedding! selamat pengantin baru alisha!

the company had its christmas dinner on tuesday at aliyaa at damansara. will post up the pictures once i have a look at it. haven't even got time to look at it yet. not only these pictures. the ones that was taken with my camera during the camporee are still untouched yet. i have no idea what pictures are in it.

my 365days project has to be restart in january 2008. my pictures are all over. not organised. so i guess, the next best thing is to start over. at least i made it to about 50 days. kudos for me. now this time, remind me to START on january 1, 2008. just in case i forgot.

and on the 24th and 31st of december, i'll be working. no off day for me. most of the staff are on leave so if i'm not mistaken there'll only be like 3 of us in the office. aih.. i tried to take the 24th off earlier, unfortunately my application wasn't approved by my boss. sad case right. aih.. =(

i wanna go out on christmas eve or new year's eve. don't have to go down to kl and squeeze with all the other people. we can just have our own mamak session. i just want out of the house. that's all. haha.

ok, gotta run. need to go iron those working clothes. boring..


3POINT8 said...

Ouch...leave not approved.
oh well, i wonder if you can exploit your emergency leave..

She's Jess said...

I'll be working on Christmas eve too. BUt luckily enough for me, I am off for New Yr Eve.

ANyway, merry christmas & happy new yr in adv.

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