28 December 2007

feed you with updates

rainingheaven is feeding you with updates!

christmas was good. was at ipoh and gopeng on the 22-23 december for a day tour of ipoh town and the following day for a jungle trek to catch the rafflesia flower. yes.. erm.. borneo species.. so it is slightly smaller. will post up the pictures for you to see.

i was working on christmas eve. however, the night of christmas eve (really late night) was spent at the mamak stall with bear bear. i really hope the CD is treating you right. btw, thanks to bear bear's kawan baik for the tip-off. kalo tidak, buntu la i.

christmas day was spent at subang jaya and shah alam. the usual house visit. and the following day, back to normal working hours.

this morning i'm rather relaxed. the work will come in soon. in a while at about 12pm. it is always like this. and then starts war where sending out media invites and calling the media to confirm of the receipt and i am to complete client reports to be sent out to hong kong and singapore on the 31st. yes, i'm working on the 31st. i wonder if i get to leave early. as early as 3pm. hmm.. in my dreams i suppose. i don't want to get caught in the bad jam. my prediction of the bad jam.

bear bear's not around for new year's eve. all of them are going up to cameron on the 30th. darn! and i'm stuck at the office. i really want to join you guys and girls however, i just can't. *sob sob*

ok, got to continue working on client's report now.

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