21 December 2007

365days project to be continued

i stopped my first 365days project. i missed too many days that i don't have the time to keep up with it just yet. i'll begin again on 1st january. but i still took pictures everyday at the garden's toilet which i visit everyday or rather my friend visits everyday besides taking shots at home too.

true enough, the pictures tell a lot of stories. they tell how much i changed, how i have been dressing, and such. though it is just a self potrait, but pictures does paint a thousand words. well.. except painting my emotion.

here's a few random pics which i have taken over the month. there's more in flickr.


fiq said...

yg last tu. rantai ape tu. hehehheh. hi! lama xsinggah Xp

rainingheaven said...

rantai biasa je la fiq. la, fiq kan busy berpindah. ni dh clear semua ke ape ni? mel pun dh tak free sgt dh ni.

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