23 November 2007

"yes, this is priscilla speaking"

i have been "priscilla" for the whole day today. the name priscilla is given for a project whenever a function happens in order for the staff to know what the person who responds to our news refers to. basically priscilla is my colleague's alter ego.

however, as she is also half my supervisor, i have to be priscilla too. what more when she is on company trip and only will be back to work on tuesday. without knowing how to direct people to the location, i quickly google up the location map and found out its landmark. thank god. those landmarks really saved my life.

it is funny when i became priscilla today, those who call in a various kinds of people. some really nice ones, some who keeps calling you "dear", some who just continues to talk a little about his own story or how he knows the speaker, some really "kiamsap" ones whereby when they find out that they have to pay (the sun didn't put in the fee in their news) backed out.

oh well, i have been answering and making lots of calls today. to everyone and from everyone. haha. i even didn't realised that i called the same news agency twice asking the same thing. only to remember that i had already called them when i was given the same answer. yes, i only realised it after i end the whole conversation when i was about to write down the details. silly me.

i've got one more day of short relaxation i would say since the staff will only be back to work on tuesday and there' s only four of us in the office. my colleagues - mary and alisha and the two interns - luoqian and me.

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