08 November 2007

pulau ketam

dad brought us to pulau ketam for a cycling tour. it was fun as it had been a really long time since i last cycled a bicycle. thank god i still remember how to cycle one. what a shame if i forgot.

the tour guide took us around the island. yes, with our bicycle. and the bicycle traffic. and the about 70degress angle bridge (because the boats need to pass through it so the bridge had to be made at that particular angle). going up the bridge was a hassle as we need to push our bicycles up. don't think of cycling up the bridge as you'll end up going down backwards or just plain out of energy to cycle it up. going down was obviously fun. just need to play with the brakes so that you won't end up hitting another cyclist, hitting the house, or end up at the mud.

seafood is the main attraction there. so it ain't right if you don't have seafood there. food was ok. all of us were already dead tired.

guess what, i came back with really sunburnt arms. my face was ok. but my arms was red like a santa claus's suit. i didn't realise it on the way back. it just looked normal to me. until it was my turn to take bath that i saw it.

here's a picture of my "red" arms.

will upload more pictures soon once i get them from everyone's camera. come to think of it, i have yet to upload my kuala selangor pictures. yikes! need to get them uploaded asap.

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She's Jess said...

yr arms are really red..

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