06 November 2007

photoshopworld asia 2007

i attended photoshopworld asia at mandarin oriental. i can't remember what made me want to attend it. maybe because i am getting rusty in photoshop. but i think i'm more rusty in illustrator instead. besides that i found out this event from the peeps from fmdc. one reason to go is to meet them also. that's the first aim since i never get to join them for teh tarik session yet.

so, geared with the aim to meet them, i rushed to finish my assignments which i did. then i also sent out invitation of the event to my entire class where 5 of them turn out bringing along 2 more others.

i didn't take much pictures i just realised. stupid me. i managed to take a picture of my feet with the goodie bag though. haha.

after the event, i joined the fmdc peeps for a klcc shooting outing. i had the best time of my life. i've never felt so much fun with this bunch of people for the longest time. it is like i've met and known them for a very long time. sorry guys, i might not be able to remember each and everybody's name yet. i need to tele the names and the faces. thanks to the thread in fmdc which allowed me to recall who is who and try my very best to remember everyone.

thanks for showing me all the fun that i can have with all of you.

photo courtesy from drAli.

the group of fmdc-ians

after event at pelita

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