15 November 2007


went to nestle house. yes.. the house of all nestle products. i was there for milo! remember these words,

minum milo anda jadi sihat dan kuat!

my company is the pr agency that works for them. so i'm being called to go there by the big boss. yes... big boss pick me up from office. =p

there are 3 key points for milo.

  1. natural goodness : it contains wheat, malt and cocoa
  2. actigen-E : combination of minerals and vitamins which helps in releasing energy
  3. protomalt : it's a malt extract that provides energy and nutrients that the body need
ever wonder how milo got it's name?
milo is from the name MILON who is a Greek champion athlete. just drop the letter N and you'll get the name milo!

they have a new packaging that was launch today! their tetrapak. and the new one is 'KURANG MANIS' or 'LESS SUGAR'. yes, if you are loyal fan of milo, if you buy a packet of milo from 7-11 and after drinking you try the one with less sugar, you'll know the difference. the milo content is still there of course. but you can really taste that the sweetness level went down. i'm serious. i had so much of it there. hehehe

oh ya, i just found the milo interactive site. just click here milo!

long live milo!
milo is everyone's best friend.
by the way, milo is for everybody. no age limit. from age 0 up to any age.
now start drinking if you don't drink!


3POINT8 said...

haha...yes the milo site!
They used to send newsletter to my mail..

doraemon1972 said...

There was a time during my childhood that I would add spoon by spoon of the "kuah mee maggi" into my milo until it reach a certain taste and only that I would drink my milo. I wonder where on earth did I got that "petua" from...

Anonymous said...

milo kurang manis tak sedap. panday la nestle nak untung lebih gi tambah air dalam milo kasi jadi tawar... kembalikan milo yang asal!!!!!!! kalo diorang tak kembalikan sure la milo kurang manis tak terjual... tgk la beberapa bulan lagi.

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