19 November 2007

longest day

today is my longest day ever. i started reading the newspapers at about 9.20am. i started off with papers from harian metro, sinar harian, berita harian, utusan malaysia, metro, kosmo! and the malay mail - and i have to read for 3 days. saturday, sunday and monday. later after i'm done with that, i had to read papers from the eastern side of the country. 1 week's plus worth of newspaper from utusan sarawak, utusan borneo, new sabah times, daily express, etc...

that's a week's worth of eastern papers. imagine having all the malay papers with the same height of the stack with a little extra. that was all the papers i read today.

i stopped reading at 6pm and i still have about 10 sets of newspaper to go. it's crazy. had to do the press kit today for tomorrow's event at astro. malay press release, english press release, chinese press release and tamil press release. all hard copy. we also had to burned the soft copy into a cd as well. it's crazy! luo qian and i left at about 9.50pm. gosh! 12 hours spent at work and in a little while, i'll have to sit in the office again.

i'm getting a flu now and i'm getting fat too from all that sitting in the office for the past one week that i stood to read my newspapers and use the computer. i couldn't take all that sitting anymore! i'm collecting lots of fat! and it is adding on to the ones that i already have!!

btw, my proudest moment of my life was on saturday. i've never driven anywhere where i needed to park the car. usually my job is to pick up my sis or drop her of at her tuition centre or train station. even if i do need to park, it is easy parking. on saturday, i managed a reverse parking.. wait.. i don't think that's the right word. well, i just had to park with my car's butt in first because the car wouldn't park nicely when i put the head first. my first one and i did it perfectly! and alone in the car too! happy happy!!!


3POINT8 said...

Haha. I remember the 1st time I did reverse parking. I was hogging 2 parking spaces back then.
But now, safe to say the it has improved by alot!

haniko said...

rajinnye dia membaca. mesti full of information. up to date with isu semasa negara...great !! good job. :D

irdzra said...

hehe..yea..remembered mine also..

somehow i still sucked at it..tried my best..only a certain time je yang akan lepas..wahahahaha !!

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