01 November 2007

the last day

today is the last day of class. yes. the last day of my degree classes which is. the last of everything. the two assignments that i'm working on for my two subjects are also the last two. after internship, everything is going to change. i'm praying hard that i pass my two subjects as i have no idea of my overall grades. may God bless me.

many didn't turn up today. must be because of the assignment due date that everyone is at home cracking their brains to vomit out as many words as possible or have a short rest before resuming work after burning the midnight's oil. i guess i'll be burning one tonight.

the ones that appeared in class today managed to take a few shots. some are a little blur. i apologise.

l-r : me, ms adeline, amy

the class - mathew, mel lai, luyi, luo qian, ashley, lily, me, debbie, sofia, adeline (lying on the table)


the two melissas - mel wong and mel lai


i'm so going to miss everyone. oh ya, amy! don't forget the makan session. nothing is complete without a good makan session with everyone.

ps: i think i'm going to need a hair cut. what you guys think? bobcut.

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