27 November 2007

i'm been a bad girl

indeed i have. i didn't really go through media monitoring on monday which created a huge pile on my table as in includes the week's before for eastern dailies. my table has 3 stacks of newspapers.

i've been naughty by completing the media invite and stuff that i'm helping out for the camporee. i think i might need to drop by the office there to make sure what i want is there. hehe.. it looks like i'm allowed to demand for things and it is not even my territory. i have to. sorry guys if i sounded really bossy or demanding. i'm so sorry!

now i have to work on the english and bm press releases. i need to search for information. i managed to ask someone to help me to translate to chinese however i have no one for tamil just yet.

writer's block!!! help!!!

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